Plastic mold, injection mold venting Notes

Plastic mold, injection mold parting line is where exhaust gases mold. As the parting surface is flat, then with grinding, grinding cavity discharge gas should not be opened at the cavity side of the exhaust vent grooves. Such as sub-surface is curved or beveled, often due to the accuracy of processing problems can exhaust directly, without the parting process exhaust ducts, plastic mold.   

Exhaust ducts Zhenfei mold, often set up in two stages. An airtight plastic exhaust ducts are mainly only exhaust air, while two exhaust ducts tend to be deep, convenient gas quickly discharged. Exhaust ducts, plastic mold to regularly clean up   

After a lot of plastic injection molding, tend to leave a small amount of residue in the exhaust groove surfaces of the plastic mold, plastic powder something similar. When a long time, when, after a long-term commitment, these residues will block mold exhaust ducts, the gas discharge difficult. Therefore, plastic mold exhaust ducts should be promptly cleaned up.    

Vent grooves in the mold parting surface easier to clean, wipe directly. Exhaust ducts putting surface or slant and other places, but also relatively easy to clean up, they tend to clean out due to their own movement. Exhaust ducts, but also the most difficult to clean up easily overlooked is not moving parts such as exhaust ducts between the inserts, this must be regularly Chaimo cleanup.