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Design Process

1: First our technical department for the customer's product preliminary analysis for mold design, mold analysis of the feasibility of the product, the product drawings for detailed examination of the structure of some of the major critical dimensions detection products and products, such advance analysis the late great help mold design.

2: Technology drawings provided by the customer need to confirm the following points:

1): the product of the material,

2): product shrinkage

3): Dimensions accuracy,

4): Product appearance requirements

5): the number of products in the mold inside

6) What is the role of other products. These key points identified the technology sector began to customer product design mold 3D data.

3: In the product and how to achieve the conversion to computer inside design 3D data become available, you have several ways, 1): According to the simple drawings 3D product modeling data, 2): According to the sample coordinate measuring point and measuring point transferred to a computer for data inside finishing 3): According to the sample is scanned directly to convert the data into 3D data. With these data after technical departments need to use 3D software UG for data processing, the first point of the initial data processing is converted into line by line and then converted into a process of surface and eventually processed into physical products we need modeling .

4: After the product has been modeling data, technical departments need to mold the preliminary design of the product, the use of 3D software UG product design, mold design requirements to be in accordance with the company's design rules to design, good mold design data, by the Production Department Leader to review, after review by, you can put the data to the processing center for steel materials processing, that's the entire mold design process.